by Bold Dominion

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released May 1, 2012




Bold Dominion Charlottesville, Virginia

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Track Name: Sidewalk People (Live at Para)
I have seen the morning light
warm the steeples
of tall cold chrome cathedrals
I have seen your drifting face
look my way
from out the sidewalk people

And when you least expect it
from where you least expect it comes
When you least expect it
from the least of these it comes

I have seen the warning signs
troubled folks
sell the walls from under their rooves
There are still signs of life
to hold on
inside the mechanism

I have been stumblin
this country paves in their roads
Under orange lights all night
dark shop windows
I hope to glimpse the hairs on your head
Track Name: Oh, Land! (demo)
Oh, Land
I feel you comin' over me
from o'er an ancient sea

Oh, Land
It seems you're crafted just for me
straight out my hopes and fears

take me in, take me in take me in

Oh, Land
my huddled mass it yearns to hold
your sunset city made of gold

Oh, Land
I'm wretched refuse, tired and poor...
I rail against your golden door

Welcome wide this continental drifter won't you please, oh Land?
You're the scene of history restarting just for me, oh Land?
Track Name: M16 (Live at Para)
/megaphone fiber-optic teleprompter fire hose
/handbag high-heels wet-wipe fluoride billfold bank loan foreclose
/corn cob feed lot cattle prod ink jet text book ballot box
/oxyclean polypropellene bikini common stock
/salt shaker paint thinner aerosol ground beef boxer briefs

/Smart phone credit card M16
/Low-fat lazer-guided teenage dream
/Smart phone credit card M16
/flatscreen happy meal pyramid scheme

/rocket first-class carry-on Cinnabon click instant stream
/lab coat gulf jet bird flu swine flu sun roof rolls royce vaccine
/unmanned remote drone porno satellite shock therapy
/internet epilepsy shell casing PTSD
/search engine GPS database botox gasoline